It’s the mobilizers, the explorers, the truly intrepid with whom we align. Our candidates are not from the usual pool of suspects; many have taken enriching paths on journeys leading to riveting opportunities and higher expectations.

We work in finding
  • CEOs
  • Creatives
  • Social Media Experts
  • Digital Demons
  • Trendsetters
  • Merchants
  • Human Resources
  • Communications

97% of our candidates are with the company we placed them in three years later.

86% of our searches are closed in 10 weeks.

  • Ginger perpetually has her pulse on global talent. She can find a needle in a haystack and can clearly identify both next generation talent, and Trends. She is simply: THE BEST.

    Francisco Costa
    creative director and entrepreneur

  • We are so pleased with the unbelievable turnaround on the work ginger finds does. You and your team did a fantastic job in getting to understand the requirements for the role and then getting us several well qualified candidates to interview. The CEO, functional VP and hiring manager were impressed with the caliber of candidates presented.

    Brian Harrison
    retail consultant

  • Ginger is the Fountainhead of Fashion, quickly connects the dots, and does so with charm, intelligence and a great sense of joy and laughter!

    Nicola Formichetti
    Creative Director and entrepreneur

  • Ginger is a very intuitive and exceptional talent recruiter. The ginger finds team works tirelessly on behalf of their clients to make the right fit for the business, the culture and the individual. FEED has benefited greatly from their amazing talent recruiting skills in helping build our small and mighty team.

    Lauren Bush Lauren
    Founder/CEO Feed Products

  • Ginger cares tremendously about clients and candidates alike – and works tirelessly on behalf of each. What I love about Ginger is she’s incredibly focused; she knows everyone; she loves what she does; and candidates and companies want to stay in touch with her both on a professional and personal level long after the search is ended.

    Trish Donnelly
    CEO Global, Urban Outfitters

Our Recent Placements
  • GM Americas
  • Head of Wholesale
  • CEO
  • CEO
  • President
  • President
  • CFO
  • Creative Consultant
  • Creative Director
  • Head of PR
  • GM-Beauty
  • GM-Apparel
  • Head of Sales/Tech
  • Talent Acquisition Executive
  • Head of Beauty
  • Head of Beauty
  • CMO
  • Head of Talent
  • Head of HR
  • EVP of Sales
  • Head of ecommerce
  • Creative Director

We offer:

  • retained search

  • talent mapping

  • interview training

  • organizational research

  • new market exploration

  • business introductions