Owning Our Verbal Identity

While searching for an SVP of PR/Communications I interviewed an executive who referred to correspondence as a “memo”. She instantly lost me…because inherently I feared “out of the box thinking”, “at the end of the day” or “low hanging fruit” would be next.

I suspect vocabulary is a component of the interview and assessment process rarely top of mind for a good majority of candidates.

Ironically the same week I had the opportunity to speak with someone at Psychological Associates, a respected assessment firm that uses a detailed written and verbal testing method to assist companies in the candidate selection process. I took the opportunity to ask: What don’t I know that I should about assessing candidates?

His response was to put Google Thesaurus to great use.

For example, he suggested I ask every candidate for their business maxims. “If they don’t respond quickly or relevantly they are almost always not the right candidate”, he said.

Never has “a word to the wise” felt more relevant.

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